What is Secretkeeper?

Secretkeeper is an application for storing user passwords and sensitive data over the web.

What does encryption mean?

Encryption is the process of transforming information using an algorithm to make it unreadable for anyone except those possessing the right password.

What differs this application of others?

Secretkeeper is a web application which ensures data availability no matter where the user is and which platform it uses.
User can access its data using mobile device or desktop computer - at work or home. Secretkeeper stores all sensitive data encrypted on the server, so it's not possible to read user data without a key. The secrets are unreadable even for the people who has physical access to the server, even for the writer of this faq.

Where is the encryption key stored?

Encryption key is stored in user's head. It is not wise to write it down somewhere on a paper or to use some easily guessable passwords.

How the Secretkeeper works?

Secretkeeper encrypts user data when the user enters secret password or encryption key. Encrypted data are stored on the server to be accessible for the user.

Are passwords sent over the network in plaintext, should I use HTTPS protocol only?

Passwords in Secretkeeper are not travelling over the line, they are solo used for encrypting the data in the users' browser.

How can I store binary documents, like PDF or word files?

Storing of binary files is not yet supported.

I have an idea how to improve this application?

Contact us on our email address, you are very welcome to do so.