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URL normalization transformation file for WebSphere Portal

This is the example of transformation file which works as well for WCM dynamic content mapping on Portal pages, and for portlets which have render parameters. However, see other article ...

WebSphere Portal Filter

Example of Portal filter which, if user agent is recognized as a bot, fixes a bug in portal url normalization for search crawlers.

In web.xml which can be found ...

Setting page headers from JSR 286 portlet

The portlets are isolated islands within a portal page. Important issue as result of this isolation is how to set page title dynamically from the portlet, or how to set ...

Currently selected page in WebSphere Portal

If you need to find out which page are you on currently, one have to spend a lot of time on google or reading Portal SPI and extracting different jar ...

Installing WCM components

In order to install WCM components on top of Portal base installation, one should execute this ConfigEngine task:

./ConfigEngine.sh configure-wcm-authoring -DPortalAdminPwd=pass -DWasPassword=pass

To install personalization portlets:

./ConfigEngine ...