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Wireless sensors with Raspberry and Atmel AVR

Project is based on Raspberry Pi which acts as a message receiver for remote wireless sensors data.
Wireless communication is based on nRF24L01P+ chip from Nordic Semiconductor, and Raspberry Pi ...

Git cookbook

1. Inicijalizacija repozitorija

1) # mkdir lgit
2) # cd lgit
3) # git init
4) # git remote add origin https://nezic@bitbucket.org/nezic/lgit.git

┼Żelimo li inicijalizirati "bare" repozitorij, koristimo ...

Star Trek Cookie widget

Star Trek Cookie is an android widget that shows quotes from Star Trek series and movies, extracted from UNIX fortune cookie program. It is a very simple application created for ...

Using GridFS as Django file storage

The method used here is also described on official documentation pages of mongoengine which I also used in this example.
First, mongoengine is needed as API for mongo database.
Somewhere ...