Raspberry Pi TEA5767

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Raspberry Pi TEA5767

At first, a little dissapointment. TEA5767 is FM tuner only, so it has no RDS capabilities. In order to read RDS, you have to obtain SAA6588 chip. However it works very well and it is very cheap. The only problem is that it takes a lot of patience to do the soldering work since the chip is very very small.

Using web interface written in Angular JS and small python server we are able to control FM tuner. Python3 code for controlling the tuner is taken from here: https://github.com/pcnate/fm-radio-python/blob/master/fm-radio-python/tea5767.py and little modified in order to work.

You can freely download code which is attached below article. Be sure to copy index.html in same folder where radio_server.py is run. The server has to be run as sudo user, of course.

Wiring schema:

Wiring of TEA5767

At the end, it looks like this:

FM module

and interface:

FM Tuner Angular interface