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  • Secretkeeper

    Secretkeeper is an application for storing user passwords and sensitive data over the web.
    The intention behind of creation of this application is to create something simple and useful and to have fun. Beside, it serves as an implementation pot of new concepts and technologies.  read more..

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Featured articles

  • Wireless sensors with Raspberry and Atmel AVR

    Project is based on Raspberry Pi which acts as a message receiver for remote wireless sensors data.
    Wireless communication is based on nRF24L01P+ chip from Nordic Semiconductor, and Raspberry Pi libraries are borrowed from https://github.com/stanleyseow/RF24 and maybe cleaned up little bit.
    Remote sensors are connected to Atmel AVR and powered using 2 AA batteries.

    Raspberry part

    Data from sensors are received by Raspberry Pi and displayed on the connected LCD screen using I2C protocol. Little application written in C receives packets from nRF24L01P+ wireless transciever and prepares them for output which will be displayed on the ...
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